Landfill? No thanks

CASE provides a collection service for single-use plastic takeout containers.

What began as a solo project to save "one container at a time", has turned into over + 400,000 containers saved from landfill.

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+ 400, 000

*Takeout containers saved from landfill in our first 12 months

+ 28,000

*Individual drop offs

Business Partner

Host A Collection Bin

CASE works with innovative impact-makers, looking to make a difference. We provide collection bins and a pickup service to divert takeout containers from landfill, and in return, provide you with environmental data on your impact.


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Absolutely loving it!
Shanice Johnson

"We've saved over 500 takeout containers from entering the landfill in 2 months! Our employees love it!."

Excites our employees!

"We were just talking about it the other day. A lot of us bring our containers in bi-weekly and it's just part of our new rhythm. I can't believe how many it's adding up to, and I love seeing it in the quarterly impact statements you provide!"

Hugh Campbell