Hi there! We’re CASE

We’re in the business of making reusable containers more accessible to Canadians.

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Our mission

To provide restaurants and individuals with a convenient way to reduce their single-use plastic waste. 

Packaging, including food takeout containers, accounts for almost half of the plastic waste generated in Canada every year. Rather than focusing on plastic alternatives, CASE provides a service which utilizes a circular economy model. Through our safe and sustainable business model, we are working hard to normalize reuse while supporting local businesses.

Our story

Hey there! I’m Catherine, the founder and CEO of CASE. I’ve been an environmental advocate ever since I can remember, religiously saving my take-out containers and reusing plastic bags. Ive always known I wanted to make the world a better place, and finally found my path in 2019 with CASE. Here’s my story...

How it began

I used to work above the PATH in Downtown Toronto, a below-ground retail space connecting over 75 buildings and containing 1,200 restaurants, shops and services. Feeling guilty about all of the single-use waste I saw, I started bringing my own reusable containers for restaurants to package my food in.

An important question

​One day, I took it a step further and started bringing a reusable container for one of my colleagues as well. I was proud that in just one month, we saved over 40 containers (yes, we ate a lot of takeout). But now that I was able to see the impact of my actions alone, would I still be proud of my efforts if all around me mountains of takeout waste continued to be generated?

The big idea

This got me thinking: what I was doing could be a real service. I could help restaurants replace their single-use containers just as easily as they would purchase containers from a new supplier!
So, in 2019 I set out with the goal of providing the most sustainable option to customers without the need to carry and wash their own containers.

One year later, I am so proud to introduce you to CASE!

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