We’re in it for the planet.
Delicious food is just a bonus

CASE is addressing the enormous amounts of takeout waste clogging our landfills while reducing CO2 emissions.

Disposable containers saved from landfills

and counting

How CASE harnesses the Circular Economy

What is a Circular Economy? The Ellen Macarthur Foundation for Circular Economy defines a circular economy as “gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system”.

At CASE, we strongly believe in this concept of providing circular services without the waste, which is why we’ve built a circular business model. Our container reuse service extends the lifecyle of each container from one single use up to 75 uses! That’s a lot of uses.

Benefits of the CASE reuse system

Less waste

The long life of reusable packaging eliminates countless single-use containers from entering  overflowing landfills across Canada.

Lower energy consumption

The long life of reusable packaging eliminates countless single-use containers from entering  overflowing landfills across Canada.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Reusable packaging eliminates the need to recycle or remanufacture single-use packaging. An LCA we’ve retrieved on our containers shows a CO2 (greenhouse gas) reduction potential of over 70%.

Materials recovery and reuse

Reusable models like ours are truly circular, recovering packaging at the end of its useful life so that materials can be recycled and used to produce new reusable packaging.

Our containers

We searched for a container provider who values quality and sustainability so that we can rest easy at night knowing that we’re diverting as much waste as possible from landfills.

Our containers are lightweight yet durable, making them ideal for stacking, transporting and of course, reuse. Our goal is to ensure they fit seamlessly into your restaurant's existing takeout operations.

Our container life cycle analysis reveals that we're able to prolong the life of each container to an average of 75 uses! We are making big strides towards our goal of reducing the number of single use containers in circulation.

Did you know...

Our containers only have to be reused once to have a net positive carbon impact versus single-use compostable containers.

Container collection program

This is not just a recycling bin.

In addition to our container reuse program, CASE also accepts other plastic containers you may have lying around.

Simply bring your clean plastic food containers to any of our drop sites and our team will inspect, sanitize and re-distribute them back to restaurants for reuse. Containers that do not meet our health and quality standards are taken directly to our qualified black plastic recycling partner.

Where are our collection bins located?

Condo Buildings
CASE partners with Condo buildings to offer residents our eco-friendly waste diversion program.
Grocery stores
CASE partners with local grocery stores to be part of your routine weekly drop off.  
CASE partners with restaurants to offer a convenient drop off point, as you pick up an order.
"Doing more with what we have"
Did you know that black plastic takeout containers are not accepted for recycling in Toronto? 
It has now become apparent that increasing recycling rates is not going to solve our waste crisis. Our belief at CASE is that meaningful impact will come from changing how we use plastic in our society, and the core value of "doing more with what we already have" comes to mind. Through our collection bin program, CASE is prioritizing the reuse of plastic takeout containers.
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Have questions about our sustainability measures?

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