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Previous Retail Partners

Case provided a public bin service to retail stores from March 2021 to July 2023. We were pleased to have support our community and brought additional attention to retail stores that care about community.

""As soon as she came up with the idea, the customers were there waiting! Right from the beginning she set the program on its path to where it is now. Catherine is very responsive to our requests. It's very encouraging to see, not only the customer adoption, but her commitment to the program!"

- Mat Lurie, President, Organic Garage (hosted 4 CASE drop off locations)
"We've been working with CASE since May 2021 and we're big fans. We love the concept of preventing excessive container waste, and this concept is clearly effective at doing so. We're constantly impressed by how many people seek out the bin, and then in turn become customers in our store. The team is great to work with and very responsive and we plan to expand the program and roll out in further locations in the near future. "

- Ryan Rudnickas, Chief Retail Officer, Fresh City Farms

Office Bins

"I reached out to Catherine at CASE because I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the public drop bin in my area. It was a seasonal market host, so I was disappointed when it closed. Catherine made the process of signing up my employer incredibly simple and easy! I work at a medium office, we all enjoy being able to recycle our takeout containers at work. We divert about 100 containers each week, so we signed up for the bi-weekly pickup option. Catherine is also great at answering our ask when we need the additional odd pickup."

- Shirley M., SMB customer

Condo Services

"CASE provides a much needed service for our building, giving us the opportunity to recycle the most common black plastic - takeout containers. With many of our residents shifting their lifestyle to be in the building more often, there was an inherent increase in takeout containers being disposed of and CASE provided the perfect solution to this challenge, not to mention alleviating the anxiety of sending plastics into our landfills.

Catherine is very responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with - she truly cares about the cause and puts a lot of effort into ensuring everyone has a positive experience with the initiative."

- Gabriel Pirvu, Condo Board Member


Collection Partner FAQ

What is a collection site?

A collection site is any person or organization that collects takeout containers. This includes public (retailers and municipalities) and private (hospitals, businesses and government agencies) sites.

How do we become a collection site?

Just complete and submit our inquiry form. We will review the information to determine the services that best fit your organization.

What is the difference between a public and private collection site?

CASE offers flexible solutions for collecting and recycling your takeout containers. Upon joining, most collection hosts need to decide between being a private collection bin and becoming a consumer-facing drop-off bins based on their individual business needs. However, it is highly recommended that sites wanting to increase consumer traffic be public. CASE lists those sites on its locator to help promote their takeout containers recycling efforts.

How often do you pickup from collection partners?

Bin hosts can call CASE as often or as infrequently as necessary for a pickup, and within two days, CASE will schedule and pick up a maximum of 10 bags of takeout containers.