Where can I drop off my takeout containers?

You've come to the right place. Check out our collection map below. We also recommend you take a sec to review FAQs before you drop off.

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Collection Bin Locations

Drop off Rules:

1. All drop offs must be CLEAN and free of oil residue
(see cleaning instructions)

2. Only drop off #5 takeout containers
(see how to identify # and what it means)

3. We accept black, clear and white varieties

4. Please respect our public hosts and their staff


Eastview Neighborhood Community Centre (Leslieville)
86 Blake St, Toronto, ON M4J 3C9

Organic Garage (Liberty Village)

42 Hanna Ave, Toronto, ON, M6N 1B5

Organic Garage (Junction)
43 Junction Rd, Toronto, ON, M6N 1B5

Green & Frugal (Kensington)
283 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M1

North GTA

Green & Frugal (North York)
3220 Dufferin St Unit 18A, North York, ON M6A 2T3

Replenish General Store (Aurora)
15231 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1L8

East GTA

Green & Frugal
2432 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1V3

Green & Frugal
153 Brock St N Unit 1, Whitby, ON


    Drop off FAQs

    What types of containers do you accept?

    We accept black, clear or white, #5 (meaning polypropylene) restaurant takeout containers. To determine if the takeout container that you received from a restaurant is number 5; please check the bottom of the packaging for the number inside the recycling logo.

    If I don't have the lid to the takeout container, would you still accept it?

    Yes. We can accept containers that don't have matching lids and lids that don't have matching bottoms. We do our best to match them up at our HQ.

    What is the best was to drop off containers?

    In order to save space in our collection bins, please drop off your lids stacked together and bottoms stacked together. Please do not attach the lids to the containers.

    Why must we clean the containers before dropping them off?

    Our public collection bins ONLY accept CLEAN takeout containers. There are two reasons for this 1) the containers sit in the collection bins for a period of time before they are picked up and sorted. We do not want to attract smells, pests or bugs to any of our partner's premises during that time. 2) We run the takeout containers through a commercial dishwasher which thoroughly sanitizes the containers. It does not scrub the containers. This requires all containers to be free of food and oil contaminates prior to the wash cycle.

    How do you wash the containers?

    Takeout containers are cleaned and sanitized in an NSF certified professional ware-washing machine. This is the same equipment used in state of the art restaurants to wash the plates and cutlery we use when we visit. The facility and CASE uphold and exceed all standards and guidelines set forth by Toronto Public Health.

    Which restaurants do you sell containers to?

    We sell takeout containers to restaurants all over the GTA. We do not advertise our restaurant partners at this time. There is currently a wait list for restaurants looking to purchase takeout containers. Please reach out and we will keep a record of your name and product inquiry.