Same takeout service, none of the single-use waste

CASE provides restaurants with a convenient container reuse service so that you can focus on the food while we worry about the logistics.

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Benefits of being a CASE partner

Stocking reusable containers will attract new customers.
78% of interviewed Torontonians said they were “very likely” to visit a restaurant that offered an eco-friendly option.
Choosing to stock reusable containers helps our planet.
Switching from single-use to reusable containers will drastically reduce your restaurant's environmental footprint.
CASE containers are washed and sanitized in our dishwashing facilities.
We take care of the washing, which means no extra work for your staff and a certified clean CASE for your customers.
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Orders are a breeze

At checkout, your customers will have the option to add CASE to their takeout order at no additional cost.
Your staff will fulfill the takeout order as usual, placing a CASE supplied QR code sticker on the order bag
The CASE team will collect, sanitize and then restock your restaurant with our containers on a regular basis

Only 15% of plastic packaging was recycled in Canada in 2016, with the rest ending up in landfills, incinerators or the environment.

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Doing your part to help the environment is a good look.
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