Behind the scenes at CASE

So you are curious how this works? or maybe even WHY we exist? Here's hoping your performing your due diligence for a possible partnership with us 😉 ! Either way - we are happy to shed some more light on all the above.



How We Operate

Step 1

Collection Bin Set-Up

To begin a partnership, we start with a FREE collection bin drop off and onboarding call.

Step 2

Pickups & Impact Reporting

Request weekly or bi-weekly pickups and receive a quarterly impact report on your carbon & waste savings.

Step 3


Containers are taken back to HQ to be sorted and separated into two designated categories: Reuse & Recycling.

Step 4

Sanitization & Reuse

Containers that are able to be reused, are then commercially sanitized in a Hubert warewashing machine,(the same equipment used to sanizite plates at a restuarant).

Step 5

End of life Recycling

Containers that do not pass our quality checks are delivered to our partnered recycler. The containers are pelletized and resold to be used in commercial totes bins, lawn furniture and industrial products.

End result?

0% sent to landfill.